Nectar Mattress Review

girl sleeping on nectar mattressNectar Sleep was co-founded by Craig Schmeizer. Located in San Francisco, the company has been in business since 2017. Made by Nectar Sleep, the Nectar mattress comes with a lifetime warranty and a year-long trial. If you don’t like the mattress, they will take it off your hands within a 365-day period. Whether you will decide to do that or not depends on what you like.

Mattress Support

This mattress has four foam layers. The first quilted layer is a thin coating of porous memory foam. It offers good air circulation and has pressure-relieving properties. Underneath, there is a thicker gel foam sheet to keep you cool. Since the top works with natural aeration, it transfers body heat throughout the mattress.

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The third layer consists of hi-core memory foam, which adapts to body weight and responds with support and rebound. This layer gives your bed bounce and keeps you from sinking into the mattress. The foundation layer stabilizes the mattress and increases air flow.

Firmness of Nectar Mattress

This mattress is only available in one firmness level, which is listed by the manufacturer at 5.5 to 7.5 on a scale where 10 is the firmest level. It will keep a spine straight while maintaining a level of softness that relieves pressure. Heavier people might find the mattress firmer than lighter people. That’s because it takes a bit for the lower layers to activate after you lie down.

Sleep Positions

The mattress is advertised to benefit sleepers who use different positions. It’s especially recommended for users who sleep on their side or back. That’s because the layers will keep side-sleepers propped up, and they will support the spine of back-sleepers. People who sleep on their stomachs might be more comfortable with a different mattress.

Temperature Control

This mattress offers better temperature control when compared to traditional memory foam. That’s because of the four layers and the breathable cover of the mattress. The gel foam portions contain thermo-regulating gel that lets you sleep cool, and the lower layers disperse heat proficiently. Since the mattress isn’t prone to sagging, it’s more likely to keep night sweats away.

Nectar Trial Period

Nectar has one of the longest trial periods on the market. You can try the mattress for a full 365 days. If you’re not completely satisfied during this time span, you can email or call the company. It will make arrangements for pickup of the mattress, and you will get your money back.

To start your 365 Night Sleep Trial, click here, NOW!


Nectar mattresses come with a long warranty. Manufacturer’s defects will garner replacement or repair without incurring shipping cost. After 10 years, you can get a new Nectar mattress for half off the current price, without having to give up the existing one.

Pros and Cons

For many sleepers, the following attributes make this mattress beneficial:

  • Pricing terms
  • Quality level
  • Protection against dust mites
  • Warranty

While pricing fluctuates, you can usually get the king version for less than $1,000. The company does offer relatively easy credit terms without a credit check, and the mattress comes in all sizes (from twin to California king).

The cons consist of:

  • Shipping delays
  • Comfort issues for people who sleep on their stomachs
  • Contact issues

Some customers have experienced significant shipping delays. Also, the mattress is not the best option for people who sleep on their stomachs. When contacting the company, some people have reported communication issues.

All in all, the Nectar mattress is a high quality mattress with a very generous trial period and warranty. So, you have nothing to lose by giving them a try and if you’re not happy, you can even return it for free.