Purple Mattress Review

Does  the Purple Mattress deliver a superior “bed in a box”?

The runaway success of the “Bed in a Box” market took a lot of people by surprise. In fact the idea that you could be supplied with a folded or rolled up full size mattress which could be delivered via mail had those who were use to traditional mattresses a bit dubious as to just how good these mattresses could be.

However, there are certain companies that are today supplying exceptional mattresses using just this model while combining new technologies to deliver a world class product.

One of the these companies is Purple.

Features of the Purple Mattress

Purple mattress with logo showingThe unique selling point of the Purple mattress is the material that is used to actually manufacture the mattresses. Known as ‘hyper-elastic polymer’ it is designed to be used as part of the “comfort layer” of the mattress.

This material is extruded in a grid pattern. The cover also uses an innovative mixture of materials in a thin layer that contribute significantly to both comfort and the maintenance of a temperature neutral feel for the sleeper by stimulating airflow around the polymer base layer. The materials used for the cover include viscose, polyester and Lycra.

The grid design of the hyper elastic polymer layer allows the sleeper to shift position and still enjoy a comfortable sleep experience. It assists with weight distribution and and reduces pressure at single points along your body.

The grid design has been formulated to support the body until a certain amount of pressure is exerted. Once this occurs the affected parts of the grid in essence ‘collapse’ – reducing the pressure at that particular point. The other components of the mattress also work in concert to provide a superior sleep experience.

The middle layer is polyfoam which provides what the manufacturers call ‘compression support’ and acts as an intermediate layer between the top ‘comfort’ layer and the unique supportive base structures of the mattress.

The base in turn is also polyfoam – but has a higher specification when it comes to weight support.

When all these components work in concert the result is a mattress that provides a compromise between a medium mattress and a firm mattress. For many sleepers who experience lower back problems this comes close to the ideal for spinal support.

Purple Trial Period and Warranty

Purple Mattress obviously has a large amount of faith in the quality of the materials that they use in the manufacture process and the science that goes into the production of their product. With a 100 day trial period and a 10 year warranty, you should have perfect peace of mind that this mattress will deliver on the manufacturer’s promise of a superior sleep experience.

In a nutshell this is a “Bed in a Box” product that ticks all the right boxes. It provides support where it is needed, the airflow keeps the you cool and reviews indicate that side sleepers especially will get a superior experience due to the low pressure across all parts of the body while they are sleeping.

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With models and sizes that include Twin XL, Queen, King and California King this is a product that delivers.